'Cultural Threads' July, 2011

'Borderlands'  June, 2011

'Saccade: In Search of a Focus' May, 2011
Photo Cred: Colin Duerrstein

Paul Wade's Snow Drif at the 'Open Ears Festival' April, 2011
Photographs courtesy of artist

't'art show' April, 2011
Photo Credit: Joe Wang

'How Did it Get so Late so Soon?' March, 2011
Photo Cred: Tanya Snowdon

'To Break for Taller Timber' February, 2011
Photo Cred: Tanya Snowdon

'Artery-Zavitz Exchange' February, 2011
Photo Cred: Kirstin Pauly

'Refraction' January, 2011
Photo Cred: Tanya Snowdon

'From Beneath' December, 2010
Photo Cred: Tanya Snowdon

'Assembly' November, 2010
Photo Cred: Tanya Snowdon

'Mentors' September, 2010
Photo Cred: Keith DeVries


Ontario Arts Council's spOtlight Festival, Signs & City Spaces
with Critical Media Lab - June 2009


No Peace, Ram Samocha MFA Thesis Exhibition - April 2009

The Sun Has Turned to Glass, Jenal Dolson & Lauren Hall - February 2009

Peep:  A Series of Site Specific Installations, artist Nathalie Qualiotto - January 2009

Sated - September 2008

Enhanced Recycling Gallery Exhibit - March 2008

4XL Gallery Exhibit - February 2008

Zentrum Block - January 2008

Image and Individual, Contemporary Responses to Manet’s Olympia - December 2007

Exposure Gallery Exhibit - October 2007